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Producing breakthroughs for the last 30 years.

How did we get here?

The original company was formed in 1985 and was called Breakthrough Technologies. The work we did was based on the work of Richard Buckminster Fuller, John Sorrell and Martin Heidegger and the study of ontology. Our mission: how do you create vital and alive organisations?

Mike Straw joined Breakthrough Technologies in 1993 as part of the consultant team and subsequently became a partner in the company. In 2004, Mike left to set up Achieve Breakthrough and bought the original company Breakthrough Technologies, bringing a wealth of experience and knowledge into the business. At that moment the intention was set: the business would move toward a consultancy and training business committed to unleashing the power of people at all levels in global organisations. The mission: Achieve Breakthrough would be the best in the world at what we do, enabling organisations to become more innovative, more creative and ultimately agile to thrive in the new emerging economies.

Since its inception, the Achieve Breakthrough team has successfully implemented world-class leadership development solutions for its customers, helping them to drive meaningful business results. Our organisation headquarters are still based in Bath, UK, but we now have a global reach and an international consultant network. Along the way, we have won many awards, which we are delighted about, demonstrating the innovative work that happens by design in partnership with our clients. Achieve Breakthrough a truly award winng organisational change consultancy company.

A new addition to the breakthrough family was born in 2012, when we set up Inventing Futures, a social enterprise that is committed to helping the youth of today be the leaders of tomorrow. Our breakthrough thinking programmes are designed to fundamentally shift the reality and frame of reference for young people to one of possibility. We offer a patented and proven “breakthrough” programme to young people around the world, helping to build confidence and inspiring young people to achieve their goals.

Who knows what is next….? But we are excited about the possibilities.


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