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The Little Black Book of Change

The Little Black Book of Change: The 7 Fundamental Shi...

Negotiation; skill or just a matter of willingness?
  • 2 minute read

A mind-set of willingness

 You could say that successful ne...
26TH MAY 2017
Tackling underperformance: It’s not just you, it’s me.
  • 5 minute read

Got someone in the team who isn’t performing? Not sure how to turn their performance ...
8TH MAY 2017
Employee Engagement – A Breakthrough Perspective
  • 6 minute read

You are your employees... Authentic engagement means shaping your business into some...
26TH APRIL 2017
effective leadership team meetings For Meet’s Sake; stop justifying and start talking in your meetings.
  • 4 minute read

  Senior leadership meetings have become rather predictable. Individuals take t...
18TH APRIL 2017
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