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The collective mind-sets of leaders and managers create the ceiling of what is possible for an organisation to achieve because they set the level of ambition and the working environment they create. This is the premise for our work - providing new ways of thinking and acting to shift the ambitions, mind-sets and behaviours of an organisation and its people.

What we do

We unlock the potential and appetite for change across entire organisations and then develop its people to build a winning culture that executes brilliantly and consistently.  Pinpointing what, how and why change is needed, we support leaders and their people in realising a vision of the future that is free from the constraints of the past.  We call this shift moving from conventional to ‘Breakthrough Thinking’ and our process delivers extraordinary results and transformative cultural change at every level.

We ensure leaders and their people:

  • Recognise the limitations of their existing thinking
  • Develop fresh and clear perspectives about their most important challenges and opportunities
  • Design and deliver pragmatic solutions that generate results they would not previously have thought possible
Achieve Breakthrough helped us to penetrate our organisational change deeper into the psyche of the team than we thought possible. They partnered us to help us understand that it was a behavioural journey and not just a structural change. The feedback that we received as we embarked on this journey was fantastic. The team were highly engaged in making it a success, and even our HR department said that we implemented our change better than they had in their own department.Head of PDS Operations, Regional Centre Europe, Roche
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