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Inventing Futures

“It is the possibilities of youth that fuel our work – after all, the young of today are the future tomorrow for every single one of us.” Mike Straw, Founder, Inventing Futures

What we do
We provide young people aged 9 to 24 with new ways of thinking and acting, shifting ambition, mind-sets and behaviours to enable fulfilling lives.  Our unique approach engages young people aged 9 to 24 with the opportunity to re-imagine their futures, one in which they control the narrative and the outcome to enable personal and social transformations.

The partners that we work with typically fall into four categories:

  1. Schools and Educators who invest in enrichment activities and recognise the importance of emotional literacy and acuity, acknowledging the profound effect that related soft skills such as adaptability, self efficacy and resilience on determining the overall life success of young people.
  2. Brands and organisations who recognise that corporate social responsibility, if strategically aligned, can be a leverageable investment which delivers social impact and commercial return concurrently.
  3. Beyond profit sector partners who want to bolster their current provision to young people to build the necessary attitudes and mind-sets that enable personal transformation.
  4. Local Authorities, commissioning bodies and grant funders who are committed to fulfilling the potential of young people across the UK, recognizing all that it possible within them.

Our Approach
Our workshop based approach delivers powerful breakthroughs to young people at transitional stages in their lives across 
a range of social needs including employability, enterprise and entrepreneurship, education, youth offending and social inclusion.

The types of partners that we work with include: The Princes Trust, Khulisa, The Foyer Federation, Change makers, Intel, Kingston University, O2 GoThinkBig, Bath and North East Somerset Council and The Marketing Academy.

We do the above by designing bespoke programmes that concurrently develop young people in the community and staff within our partner organisations. Typically our programmes are grounded in core areas which include:

• Achieving your potential through Enterprise and Entrepreneurship
• Achieving a breakthrough in Employability
• Emotional Literacy in Education (9 to 21 year olds)
• Breakthrough Career Planning
• Transforming Thinking in the Youth Sector: from Disadvantaged to Advantaged Thinking
• Reframing Reoffending

Contact Michelle Morgan at Achieve Breakthrough HQ: or 01225 852863.

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