About us

We enable organisations to develop their people and shift mindsets.

What does your organisation’s future look like? Are you outpacing the competition or just holding on? Are you being asked to do more, with less: more innovation, more risks, more results? These days, most businesses are locked into a race to track down the ‘next big thing’. But businesses aren’t machines. To succeed, you need to harness the greatest asset you have: your people.

At Achieve Breakthrough we remove the barriers to change, freeing your talent to make a positive, profound difference. We revolutionise the way people grow, change, lead and engage. And the results can be nothing short of extraordinary.

What’s your ambition?

We’ll get right behind your business, helping you develop leaders and teams, enable change, partner with businesses, suppliers or cross-functions and transform your culture. We set clear goals at the start of every programme, and we measure our impact to demonstrate tangible ROI. As a minimum, you should expect returns of 10:1.

What’s our secret?

Context is everything. Using our unique Breakthrough Thinking methodology we enable your people to step back and see the barriers that are limiting them. It’s an approach that’s proven to fast-track change and inspire giant leaps in development.

Are we right for you?

We work closely with clients at all levels and functions, in virtually every field and industry. Many of the world’s leading organisations – including five of the top global pharmaceutical giants – are already using our programmes to give them the edge. We help established businesses rekindle their ambition. And we give entrepreneurial start-ups the ability to set and surpass even the most far-fetched goals.

"The work has been an amazing adventure...I feel as if I have been travelling in a conventional car and now I am in a convertible - the roof is gone! Breakthrough Thinking allows you to stand on the shoulders of your past experience and focus on the possibilities of your future as an organisation..." - 

SVP, Pharmaceutical Company