Culture transformation

Think big. Aim high.
Change your culture and the sky’s the limit

Develop a culture of breakthroughs

Develop a culture of breakthroughs

Culture is the invisible force that drives your business. With the right culture, your business thrives, alive with ideas, innovation and energy. But the wrong one can make even the smallest challenge feel like an uphill struggle. We transform culture by embedding a breakthrough mindset that inspires people, cuts with convention and delivers results.


Build a breakthrough culture in your organisation

Deliver faster. Achieve more with less. Be agile, creative, flexible, innovative. Seize the initiative. Organisations are under immense pressure to achieve huge advances in an unpredictable, ever-changing environment. You know that the next big disruption is on the way. The question is: will you cause it or will your competitors?

A breakthrough culture unlocks a way of thinking and working that frees people to challenge their assumptions, let go of the past and create the future they want. Getting people behind your strategic vision and values. Making the going easier and the possibilities endless.

Breakthrough thinking


“We need to get people engaged and able to deliver”

“We want a significant shift in our performance”

“Our managers need support to lead a culture change”

“We want our values and purpose to be living and breathing”

“We want to embed a culture of business partnering”

“We need to work better cross functionally and with suppliers”


When it comes to culture, we start with context

Using our Breakthrough Thinking methodology, we empower your leaders, managers and people to embed a high-possibility culture for your organisation. We take a human, pragmatic approach, allowing them to air their concerns, assumptions and aspirations. From here, we develop leadership, collaboration and change skills. And help organisations create a clear, uncluttered vision of the future – one that will deliver the results they want.

This breakthrough vision sets a new context for your people. One that is designed by them from the inside-out and empowers the culture they want. Replacing top-down mandates with authentic engagement.

By shifting from conventional to Breakthrough Thinking, you can liberate your organisation from the constraints of the past, unleashing a transformative cultural at every level. And from it, tangible business results.

When it comes to culture, we start with context


Culture transformation services

Every organisation is different, so we draw up a suite of services tailored to the culture transformation you need. Some examples of things we can do:

Cultural diagnosis

A 360° diagnosis, uncovering deep insights about your peoples' change-readiness, level of ambition, concerns and constraints.

Breakthrough employee engagement

A blend of events, development and communications which liberate your people to have their say and innovate around real business outcomes. Creating engagement by design and momentum in your business.

Internal coaches and catalysts

Internal champions developed to sustain and embed the new culture by coaching your organisational narrative and maintaining a strategic view.

Performance management

A coaching approach to performance management, putting individuals at the centre of their own development and ambition. Equipping the and skills to coach , whilst holding people to account and encouraging multi-way feedback.

An example of a culture transformation:

Year One

Energising and developing a new context

Year Two

Business results and engagement

Year Three

Maximising and sustaining

Cultural diagnosis

Internal 'change catalysts' developed

Upskilling managers as coaches and developers through performance management transformation

Employee engagement initiative

Breakthrough Projects & High Performing Teams – evidencing the change through business results

Continual feedback culture - design and implementation

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