Our Breakthrough Thinking methodology

Thinking that can

What’s the biggest barrier to change in your organisation? 

The systems and processes? The technology and training? All of this is important. But the real hurdle is something nobody can see, but everyone recognises: the mindset of your team.

The context is crucial

Nothing happens in isolation. Whatever challenge your business is facing, you’re operating within a context. This context influences how everyone sees their world. It shapes your team’s thoughts, actions and behaviours. It creates the invisible beliefs, assumptions and culture that governs the actions that people do or don’t take. And it’s the reason that change can sometimes seem effortless or impossible.

Problems We Solve

"We need more innovation and creativity"
"Unchain our brain from the past"
"Break the status quo - we’ve tried it before, it won’t work"
“We are risk adverse”
“It’s a nice idea, but we can’t do that.”

Sounds familiar?

The good news is that by changing perceptions and freeing your team from the constraints of the past, they can do extraordinary things they never thought possible.

We call this a shift from

Conventional thinking

Breakthrough Thinking

It’s a move that enables leaders and managers to:

  1. Recognise the limitations of their existing thinking
  2. Develop fresh ways of seeing their biggest challenges and opportunities
  3. Put together an action plan to turn vision into reality  

Development work which would traditionally take months or years can be achieved in a matter of days.   

Tried and tested for over 35 years

Our unique Breakthrough Thinking methodology flows through everything we do. It’s woven into our DNA.

See how our Breakthrough Thinking can help you: