Leadership & team development

Transform the way your
leaders think, act and inspire

Inspire today. Transform tomorrow

With the right leadership, you can ignite ambition and unleash your organisation’s true potential. We help you to grow leadership capabilities at all levels and stages of your development. Most importantly, we tailor our approach to your specific challenges, values and vision, aims and bottom-line aspiration.

Inspire today. Transform tomorrow


Development in context

A great leader needs a great mindset. But all too often thinking can get stuck – limited by years of resistance or inaction. We develop a different outlook, characterised by ambition, collaboration and possibility.

Our context-first approach means we work with your people at a deep level, delivering sustainable developmental shifts that are simply unachievable through traditional management upskilling. Working closely with your organisation, we free your people to take on breakthrough commitments, challenge their limiting conventional thinking and work innovatively to overcome setbacks.


“We need to get people engaged and able to deliver”

“We want a significant shift in our performance”

“Our managers need support to lead change”

“We want our values and purpose to be living and breathing in our culture”

“We want to embed a culture of business partnering”

“We need to work better cross functionally and with suppliers”

“We really need people to change their mindset”

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Developing leaders without limitations

We collaborate with clients to co-design amazing applied learning and development programmes which tackle the specific business challenges you face. Powerful, practical, engaging and hugely enjoyable, they address your business reality to achieve tangible and measurable results.

Using our Breakthrough Thinking methodology, our highly skilled consultants, facilitators and coaches shift mindsets, skillsets and behaviours in tandem. It’s a truly learnable approach that not only really works, it provides your talent with a practical toolbox and way of thinking and acting they can use for life.


Our leadership and team development programmes

There are four pillars to our approach. Together, they provide a solid foundation for long-lasting, fundamental leadership development.

Applying our unique Breakthrough Thinking methodology

Introducing sustainable behaviour to change and continually track results

Integrating our programme with your culture and initiatives

Delivering everything in a practical, inspiring and engaging style.

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What else makes our programmes different

Measurable results

When you invest money and time into programmes, it’s essential you can guarantee significant ROI. So we rigorously measure results, behaviour change, capability and impact. This unique mix of quantitative and qualitative methods allows us to capture results at both an individual and organisational level.

The right blend

We work closely with you to identify the delivery options for you, your people and your organisation. From innovative face-to-face or live virtual workshops to our ground-breaking social learning platform, our blended programmes make the best use of technology for maximum engagement. It’s a route that means we deliver development that works within the time, budget and geographical constraints of global business.

Learn more about our Virtual Breakthrough social learning platform

The right blend

Sustainable development

Not just one-off events that create a great initial buzz but no long-term impact. Or training purely for the sake of it – ‘because my line manager sent me’. Our programmes create sustained and lasting development. We stick with you for the journey and ensure you succeed.

Sustainable development

One size fits one

Your people are all individuals. So we tailor our approach around their capabilities, not their job title. Our powerful diagnosis and design process allows us to co-create development programmes that are inextricably linked with your overall talent and performance strategy, but also tailored to the development readiness of each person.

Scale any challenge

We’ve worked with everyone – from CEOs and senior executive leaders one-on-one to entire cross-territory divisions and companies encompassing thousands of people. Our learning programmes can scale to match the size and logistics of your challenge.

Under pressure to reduce expenses? Most of our programmes can be delivered virtually, using our innovative Social Learning Platform. Zero hotel stays. Zero air fares. Want to develop people in a range of territories? Our multi-lingual team and global associate network means we make breakthroughs across borders.

Scale any challenge

Collaboration is king

We often think great leadership is about providing answers. But the best leaders ask the best questions and take action from there. Our programmes are designed to deliver and facilitate unprecedented levels of collaboration, whether participants are in the same room or not.

Chemistry is everything

When it comes to finding, growing and keeping your talent, you have exacting standards. And so do we. Our consultants are experts in shifting mindsets and developing leaders, with a facilitation and coaching style which energises and challenges participants. As a diverse, multi-lingual team, they’re able to integrate with any organisation – whatever the industry and wherever they’re based.

Chemistry is everything

People and team profiling

To complement our programmes, we are an expert practitioner in the following assessment based tools.



The ICS-Connect (Interpersonal Connecting Styles) profiling tool identifies personal work styles, communication and rapport building preferences within teams. It offers a simple framework that helps people communicate and work together in a more compatible, influential way.

Barrett Values

Barrett Values

The Barrett Values assessment maps your organisation’s existing values, beliefs and behaviours, and identifies those most future-relevant. When incorporated into our Breakthrough Thinking methodology, this helps co-create a powerful purpose for your people and organisation.

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