All the development you want with zero the stuff you don’t

Zero air miles, zero travel time, zero hotel nights, zero environmental impact.

Virtual Breakthrough is a powerful blend of development and social that delivers an exceptional learning experience and ROI.

Get mindset and behaviour change without leaving your office. Hello, Earth-moving development. Goodbye, travelling the world to get it.

We’ve combined virtual learning with social, coaching, real-time business challenges and gamification to make sure learning sticks and combines our breakthrough methodology with practical application.

Breakthrough content

Many learning platforms look good but few deliver business breakthroughs. So often because of the conventional management training they host. Don’t settle for mediocre content…be delighted!

We’ve worked tirelessly turning our transformational face-to-face programmes into a  powerful virtual learning experience. Broken down into bite-sized modules for your learners’ convenience. Not compromising on quality, so you still achieve the transformational mindset shifts and business results that you really need. On a platform that is truly innovate and looks great.

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Social learning

Fundamental to our platform is understanding that learning, communication and collaboration are inextricably linked. The most profound learning happens when we ask questions, encourage feedback, communicate widely, and get immersed in other people’s perspectives. Built with proven gamification principles, users can challenge and collaborate on each other’s’ learning journeys. With instant chat, video blogging and multi-way feedback loops and ‘likes’ available - they’ll be creating, developing and transforming together in no time.

Tailored to you

Our platform is fully adjustable, so you can really make it your own. Not only can it look and sound like your organisation, it can host any existing learning and communication content seamlessly alongside ours. Giving L&D teams the choice to offer new virtual learning experiences whilst making the best of any content and systems they already own and like.

Anytime, anywhere

With time in short supply, we provide learners with essential 24-hour access to their programme portal, fellow participants and all the course content they need. Available in multiple languages and on any device, making transformational learning accessible to busy individuals right across your business. Enabling you to offer the same development programmes to a global audience; joining-up your peoples’ mindset, ways of working and skills.

Managing user journeys

The platform makes light work of keeping learners engaged and informed with the programme and each other in a dynamic, live environment.

As a programme management tool, you can group delegates, enrol them in learning journeys, chat with them, share announcements, multi-media and much more. It is also compatible with external plugs-ins that support diary management and other short-cuts.

The platform monitors learner progress and programme satisfaction. It rates and rewards them for taking part; prompting them for inactivity, rewarding them for contributions and learning achievements. Learners can compare their performance with their colleagues and become ‘champions’. And critically, the tangible business results and outcomes can be captured and collated.

Business-led learning

The platform excels in making real-life business challenges and projects the core basis of people development. As a live digital tool, it combines your real-time business activity and dialogue with our breakthrough thinking modules. Equipping your people to impact their real-time strategies, leadership abilities and day to day work, by causing extraordinary breakthroughs.

The platform guides learners to; set out what they want to achieve, complete the relevant tailored development modules, apply on-the-job learning, and receive peer and coaching support to help them succeed.

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