Della Owen

Lead Consultant

“Progress is impossible without change; and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything” – Georg Bernard Shaw Nothing is more inspiring than working with our clients as their mindset shifts; as they look outside their current context and see that they have it in their power to achieve phenomenal breakthroughs!

Della brings high energy, precision and fun to her work. Through her workshops and coaching, Della is passionate about releasing the potential of people, generating a safe but challenging environment for clients to explore, question and stretch into breakthrough territory.

Della brings a wealth of experience in transformational programmes for international clients. With experience working in multi-national, high-pressure environments she has over 9 years’ experience in project management and consultancy support within the management consultancy (McKinsey &Co.) and international development (VSO, Crown Agents) sectors. Della has a first-class degree in Sociology from The University of Sheffield.

Della’s notable clients have included Roche, EDF Energy, Syngenta and Business West.

My favourite breakthrough moment:

“For me, the Representation of the People Act in 1918 - where women over the thirty were granted the right to vote in Britain - was one of the biggest breakthrough moments in our recent history. It may have been only the beginning of a long fight for equality, but it paved the way for a century of positive change. For a woman who has benefitted from the sacrifice and perseverance of previous generations, this moment is monumental and humbling”.






Jane Austen