Johnny Lympus

Lead Consultant

I’ve always been fascinated by the gap between current performance and potential. Both for myself and the teams and individuals I work with. Joining AB has opened my eyes to the speed with which you can close that gap as a result of a single conversation. In a world where technology is exposing the huge potential available to all of us, I’m humbled and excited to be playing my role in creating the world of tomorrow, today.

Johnny believes that the magic ingredients in any successful transformation are simple. Firstly, find the game you REALLY want to play, and then play to win it!

Johnny has worked in leadership development for over 10 years, on four different continents with over 2000 different leaders within a broad range of sectors. Whether it be culture transformation, team performance or individual leadership breakthroughs, his commitment is always to discover the game you really want to play, and help you win it.

Deciding against a career in financial sales in his early twenties, Johnny realised the game he really wanted to play would combine his passion for health and fitness with the desire to be the master of his own destiny. This led him to launch his own outdoor fitness company. He didn’t realise it at the time, but back then, the idea of group outdoor fitness was very much a breakthrough! His commitment was to turn fitness into a game that people wanted to play, rather than an obligation. This mindset shift opened up greater engagement, greater results and greater teamwork in every class. And 10 years later he had created a business that ran itself (thanks to a brilliant team) and enabled him to pursue a different dream of coaching business leaders to turn their business goals into games that they enjoyed winning!

Outside of work, the game I am currently playing is called “how to raise three children under five years old whilst staying sane”… My teammates in this game are my wife and three daughters.

Johnny’s notable clients include: Samsung, AstraZeneca, and Roche

My favourite breakthrough

My favourite breakthrough occurred in 1434 by a little known Portuguese adventurer called Gill Eanes who successfully navigated a dangerous part of the Portuguese coast called Cape Bojador.

Rather than sailing close to the coast as sailors had traditionally done up to this point, he decided to sail into the middle of the Atlantic in order to avoid the shallow waters and dangerous winds and go around the infamous Cape Bojador.

The result was, for the first time in history, a relatively safe trip beyond this part of the coast and the opportunity to make more progress towards the riches of the East.