Justin Temblett-Wood

Strategic Lead Consultant & Senior Partner

I’m always inspired by people’s creativity and determination to make a positive difference in the world, through their work.

Justin is committed to transforming people’s thinking and actions to deliver real business benefit and does so through his natural ability to connect with people and get the very best from them. His leading work on turning our Breakthrough Thinking methodology into a useful toolkit and thinking framework has benefitted countless organisations and their leaders. And his expertise on embedding a corporate culture characterised by agility, ambition and a strong sense of purpose is highly sought after.

Justin has a wealth of experience in working across sectors, in particular the Pharmaceutical and Transport industries. He partners with organisations in large scale change management and culture transformation programmes as well as senior leadership/executive level interventions. Justin has a pragmatic and honest style which his clients find empowering and inspirational.

Justin’s notable clients include; Sanofi, Smith & Nephew Olympus, Transport for London and GlaxoSmithKline.

My favourite breakthrough moment

The realisation that sustainable leadership is everything to do with human potential, acknowledgment and empowerment. And nothing to do with control or treating people like machines!