Mike Straw


For me, every day is an opportunity to break down the barriers people put on themselves. I know that, deep down, we’re all capable of amazing things.

Mike is the CEO and founder of Achieve Breakthrough. He didn’t coin the phrase “culture eats strategy for breakfast”, but he lives and breathes it! And for two decades he’s been working with distinguished CEOs and senior business leaders to help their people and organisations develop, change and make ground-breaking improvements in performance.

Mike founded Achieve Breakthrough to unlock his client’s ambitions: making the seemingly impossible, possible. These include industry leading blue-chip corporations across sectors such as Pharmaceuticals, Technology, FMCG, and Global Retail. His notable clients include; Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Roche, Novartis and PepsiCo.

Mike is co-author of The Little Black Book of Change and is an international speaker and thought leader on transformational leadership.

My favourite breakthrough moment

While I’m proud of our many client successes, my personal highlight was probably writing and publishing our Little Black Book of Change. This tiny book contains some really big ideas.






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