Ric Bulzis

Strategic Lead Consultant & Senior Partner

I’ve come to the conclusion that the people who are shaping the world are really no different to anyone else, apart from one thing - the belief that they can! Helping people to see this choice for themselves is what gets me up in the morning.

Ric is a passionate driver of breakthrough change and collaboration. As well as a trusted advisor on transformational leadership to eminent senior business leaders and CEO’s of several multinational organisations. In particular, those challenged with rapidly and continually innovating to retain or gain a competitive edge. He has applied his expertise to a range of sectors, most notably pharma, FMCG and technology. And is a specialist in enabling complex organisational change to thrive and igniting powerful business partnerships within functions such as procurement and sales.

Ric brings real momentum to his clients. His contagious energy raises their ambition; moving them out of their comfort zone and shifting their level of responsibility and possibility. He is a natural connector and straight-talker who keeps his clients invigorated and challenged.

Ric's notable clients include: AstraZeneca, Microsoft, PepsiCo, Novartis and Takeda.

My favourite breakthrough moment

As a sports enthusiast I have to go for “the miracle in Istanbul!” - 2005 Champions league final Liverpool vs AC Milan. AC Milan, the darlings of European football were leading 3-0 at half time and fully in control of the game. Liverpool fans were leaving the game, no hope, no chance, game over, or was it? The revival began, 3-1, 3-2, 3-3 and yes; 4-3! A true example of belief, teamwork and unwavering commitment. There is always a way!