Transforming performance management

Don’t manage performance – unleash it – to inspire your organisation

Why address this challenge?

Is your performance management failing to drive performance? Rather than develop, reward and inspire, does it leave people feeling like a statistic? Are your managers frustrated by volumes of paperwork?

Large organisations frequently default to performance management that’s nothing more than box ticking. With large numbers of people, and time in short supply, the process can all too easily become mechanical and disconnected. The usual structured conversations used are limiting. It means people believe they’re either smart or they aren’t – and that there’s nothing they can do to bring about positive change.

But with more people looking for fulfilling career progression and an opportunity to make an impact, you can’t afford to disengage them. It’s critical their performance management experience aligns to the organisation’s brand and the employee promises it makes. By instead taking a coaching approach that allows people to set their own goals – and measure their success – you can leverage a growth mindset to deliver real performance.

Problems we solve

“The performance system and ratings we’re using are disengaging our people – they then feel like a statistic and don’t know how to change their rating”
“We don’t have time to do all the paperwork and admin required each year, it becomes a major undertaking and the whole point of driving performance gets lost”
“Our managers need support in coaching skills to improve our people’s performance”
“Individuals need to take responsibility for their own motivation and performance whilst we provide empowerment and career pathways”

How we help

To unleash performance in your organisation, you don’t just need a culture of learning and feedback. You also require managers and individuals who can coach – and be coached.

Our approach can either sit alongside an existing performance system or replace it entirely to deliver the following transformations:

Culture of learning and feedback

We embed an organisation-wide mindset of learning and breakthrough performance. This drives real-time, two-way feedback so that development can happen the moment it becomes relevant. This requires an open, committed mindset and the skills to give feedback that empowers. 

Coaching mind-set

We develop both managers and individuals in the skills they need to coach one another without judgement and bias. Managers can make the most of their people’s potential regardless of personal views by enabling them to take ownership for their own development. The result is enhanced confidence and commitment to develop on both sides.

Strengths-based assessment and assignment

We design our performance conversations to explore future possibilities, uncover and develop strengths, and hold people rigorously to account. This strengths-based approach upskills them by empowering and engaging – ultimately driving performance. 

We then work with you to align your reward approach. This ensures the decision-making process is empowering for managers and individuals alike – keeping you on budget, while at the same time authentically rewarding and incentivising effort and performance across your organisation.

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