Breakthrough Engagement & Innovation

We generate authentic engagement, innovation and commitment right across an organisation. Enabling people to see their role in shaping the future, and empowering them to do it

Commentating in the stands

Playing on the pitch

Limited by hierarchy

Empowered to act

Ideas untapped

Ideas unleashed

Judgement of leadership

Stepping up to lead

Lacking motivation

Inspiring motivation

Blame for low engagement

Responsible for high engagement

Programme Overview

In the end, engagement really comes down to one thing; the feeling of choice. Unlocking the freedoms to make an impact, develop and grow, and bring your full self to work is essential in generating authentic people engagement.

This programme creates leaders who can galvanise their organisation. Focusing on alignment, commitment, motivation and responsibility as the core drivers. Our Breakthrough Engagement & Innovation programme delivers the core Breakthrough Thinking methodology whilst focusing on team, cross-functional and organisational aims which serve as the anchor for engagement. We develop leaders to be exceptional enablers of people and results, through high quality engagement initiatives.

All of our programmes are fully integrated into the specific business needs of each organisation. The engagement programme is highly effective in, but not limited to, the following scenarios:

  • Engagement scores are low and levels of internal complaining are high
  • Inertia or intention is lacking within teams
  • Retaining talent is a continual challenge
  • Needing a shift to risk-taking and agility but sensing a reluctance in morale or buy-in
  • Innovation and ideas are needed to transform the organisation but accessing and unleashing them is a barrier
  • Strategy execution is poor and enthusiasm for change is low

Who is it for?

We develop your leaders from executive to middle management level to be exceptional enablers of engagement and change. We then partner with you to reach all employees across your organisation. Shifting your culture from hierarchy and control to empowerment and innovation. Unlocking your people to make the breakthroughs they previously thought impossible, possible.

Outcomes of the programme

A raised level of organisational engagement will be demonstrated by the following:

  • Innovative, breakthrough mindset applied to ways of working and projects
  • ‘Can-do’ attitude and action within teams and departments
  • Breakthrough bottom-line business performance, through innovative project creation and delivery
  • Courage and energy to overcome challenges and limiters 
  • Leading through empowerment and collaboration vs. hierarchy
  • Increased appetite for change 
  • Engagement scores enhanced across the organisation
  • Improved staff retention and referral rates