Breakthrough Middle Management

Middle managers, unleashed to become breakthrough leaders. Transforming their thinking to unlock possibility and deliver breakthroughs in your organisation.













Programme Overview

Middle managers are being asked to adopt the company strategy, execute it flawlessly, innovate, take risks and work faster. Whilst being happy to ultimately do more with less! The shift we deliver is feeling empowered in the face of these challenges.

This programme unleashes potential; empowering and equipping your people to take charge of their own leadership and the results they deliver. Challenge conventional thinking to make way for new possibilities. Turning visions and strategies into reality. Overcoming constraints to deliver exceptional breakthroughs.

All of our programmes are grounded in the specific business needs of each organisation. Our Breakthrough Middle Management programme is highly effective in, but not limited to, the following scenarios:

  • Middle managers who are tasked with delivering the strategy but lack the confidence or level of commitment to take action
  • Organisations where there is a gap between the outcomes needed and the belief in what is possible
  • Teams being asked to deliver more with less and maintaining engagement throughout
  • Teams who feel stale and want a higher level of ambition but feel trapped in a habitual way of working and don’t know how to change
  • New teams or leaders who want to launch with momentum and vitality
  • Organisations going through significant change or re-organisation and need engagement and commitment from the middle management to galvanise staff

Who is it for?

Middle managers who are either being asked to deliver a strategy, or who need to innovate and transform in the face of organisational or market challenges.

Outcomes of the programme

Delegates are developed in our core Breakthrough Thinking methodology and will generate strategic delivery action plans that underpin their development and results. By blending skills with practical application to business needs, this programme generates the following outcomes:

  • Empowered managers and teams who can translate organisational strategies into tangible, achievable plans
  • Teams who believe success is possible and take action vs. being at the effect of circumstances and feeling helpless
  • Raised levels of ambition and a willingness to commit to extraordinary breakthroughs
  • Organisations that can execute strategies quickly and produce extraordinary results using a repeatable process
  • Managers that engage and listen to their teams, mobilising them to support and deliver the strategy
  • Increased efficiency, productivity, effectiveness, innovation and creativity
  • A transformed middle management who will become tomorrow’s leaders

The delegate experience of this programme is akin to attending a business course, with people development acting as the vehicle for change. The format is typically a blend of live meetings (face to face or virtual), on the job learning and 1:1 coaching. All spanning 4-12 months depending on design.