Embedding values and purpose

More than just a motivational slogan – turn purpose and values into what you want to become

Why address this challenge?

People want organisations to mean what they do and do as they say. Internally and externally, from your recruitment to ad campaigns, everything should be rooted in your purpose and values. But all too often a brand’s values and purpose fail to translate into living, breathing assets. Here are two reasons why:

‘Just words on a wall’

The values and purpose may be well thought through, but have yet to come to life. People either aren’t aware of them or aren’t meaningfully connected to them. And, even if they are liked, they can see where they aren’t being used. In turn this drives inconsistencies in how your people, business partners and customers experience the business.

‘The wrong words’

These are meaningless values or purpose that are either out of date or perceived to lack potency or relevance in terms of representing the organisation now or into the future. Such an overall lack of presence and identity can leave people underwhelmed by their experience of your business.

Problems we solve

“Our values aren’t in our DNA”
“The values don’t mean anything in our business, they’re just a bunch of words”
“We need a new set of values that will set us up for the future”
“We want to capture the spirit of our people and embed it further”
“Our purpose isn’t bold enough…”
“We want to embed the same values across multiple areas of our business”
“Our customer service scores are inconsistent”
“Employee engagement is low”

How we help

First, we uncover the authentic DNA of your company: your values, purpose and vision. This DNA becomes the uniting force for all your activities, facilitating new levels of ownership, innovation and collaboration across all levels of your organisation and all geographies.

As experienced Barrett Values Centre experts (see https://www.valuescentre.com), our consultants can accurately assess your organisation’s existing values, beliefs and behaviours, identifying those most future-relevant. When incorporated into our Breakthrough Thinking methodology, this helps co-create a powerful purpose for your people and organisation.

From here, we draw together culture transformation, people development and internal communications to make sure your values and purpose inspire your future – and live in the now.

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