Breakthrough Projects & High Performing Teams

Giving you high performing teams who deliver exceptional breakthrough results. We galvanise, inspire and equip your teams to think and act differently. Turning your strategies and challenges and projects into real breakthroughs

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Programme Overview

This programme is designed to establish and catapult priority projects within an organisation. Using our core Breakthrough Thinking methodology at an advanced level, the project teams will plan and deliver breakthrough results by challenging their current ways of thinking and excelling their leadership capability. Not only does the organisation benefit from the extraordinary results the teams produce, but the delegates graduate as champions and experts in Breakthrough Thinking and perfromance.

All of our programmes are fully integrated into the specific business needs of each organisation. Our Breakthrough Projects & High Performing Teams programme is highly effective in, but not limited to, the following scenarios:

  • When business imperatives or objectives are predictably going to fall short of the promise
  • When there is a gap between a commitment that’s been made and the belief in what’s possible
  • Where the strains on the organisation require breakthrough projects outside of the ‘business as usual’ demands 
  • Where engagement is needed across the middle management layer of an organisation

Who is it for?

This programme is appropriate for groups of middle managers and below who need to translate a strategy into tangible breakthrough projects.

Outcomes of the programme

All delegates involved in the programme will be developed in the core Breakthrough Thinking methodology. In addition this programme is specifically designed to deliver:

  • Extraordinary business results in all project areas that would not have been achievable in the ‘business as usual’ way of working
  • Empowered leadership behaviours
  • A ‘can-do’ approach to challenges across the organisation
  • A sense of investment and belief from the organisation into the teams involved
  • Creative and innovative problem solving