Breakthrough Executives & Senior Leaders

Making your leaders exceptional in every way. Transformational, inspirational, making the seemingly impossible, possible. Move over management, hello breakthrough leadership





Control, order, predict

Acknowledge, empower







Holding to account

Empowered to act

Programme overview

We live in a world that is changing faster than ever. VUCA, adaptability and agility are now essential capabilities for leaders to thrive in this climate. 

This programme is aimed at senior and executive teams looking to transform their leadership and make breakthroughs happen in this real-time world. Our tailored approach enables executives to unlock their breakthrough potential whilst holding them rigorously to account. Making them true leaders of your organisation and its future.

All of our programmes are grounded in the specific business needs of each organisation. Our Breakthrough Executives & Senior Leaders programme is highly effective in, but not limited to, the following scenarios:

  • Executive teams facing dramatic industry changes, requiring them to transform to keep winning and out-manoeuvring the competition
  • Executives needing to re-invent the ambition, vision and strategy of the organisation and its people
  • High volume of management activity but low level of leadership
  • Difficulty in gaining executive alignment behind a strategy or vision
  • Executives struggling to authentically connect with their leadership teams and wider organisation
  • Wanting to shift your leadership to be more innovative and in-tune with future challenges, but not knowing how

Who is it for?

  • Senior executives
  • Divisional executives
  • People responsible for creating and leading organisational strategy
  • People responsible for organisational culture at the senior level

Outcomes of the programme

Delegates are trained in Breakthrough Thinking as well as specific capabilities needed to thrive in an ever-changing business landscape.  Previous delegates have typically yielded the following outcomes:

  • Executives leading from a completely new perspective
  • A dramatic increase in the level of ambition and belief in what is possible
  • Capabilities cultivated so that leaders can thrive in a real-time world
  • Organisational strategy brought to life, amongst executive piers and through engagement of more junior layers
  • Functional or divisional heads becoming authentic business leaders and progressing quickly within an organisation
  • Executives impacting and changing their organisations culture and ways of working
  • Your organisation moving from good to great – and staying there
  • A powerful new frame of reference for the whole organisation to operate from
  • An ability to empower your work force to challenge the status quo and make breakthroughs happen across and for your organisation.