Breakthrough Collaboration & Partnering

Shifting your people from siloed workers and thinkers into influential, collaborative leaders. Because organisations are so much more than a sum of their parts and write the future quicker and better when they work as one







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Programme Overview

Is there a contribution that you want to make that for whatever reason is difficult to make? Are your people struggling to influence your organisation in areas they know best? Do they take responsibility for how they are perceived? Do they collaborate to unleash innovation? Do they explore new possibilities and ways to breakthrough or just keep working to the same assumptions they always have done?

Imagine your people being capable of creating high performing partnerships, with anyone. Collaborating and influencing strategically, overcoming hierarchy, being upheld as valuable and relevant.

This programme develops deep and strong business partnerships cross-functionally within an organisation or between different organisations. Unleashing a truly collaborative way of thinking and acting which is strategic, innovative and above all delivers breakthrough results.

Our Breakthrough Collaboration & Partnering programme is highly effective in, but not limited to, the following scenarios:

  • Communication and influence is missing amongst teams or organisations, causing a lack of joined-up thinking and ways of working
  • Strategic collaboration is needed to drive efficiency, productivity and value add across the business
  • Establishing a new client or supplier relationship and wanting to work in true partnership from the outset
  • Where an existing relationship with a client, supplier or another department is dysfunctional, over-cautious or defensive, limiting its full potential
  • Where teams or individuals blame other functions, suppliers or the hierarchy for their inability to make an impact or deliver the necessary results

Who is it for?

Teams or individuals most commonly associated with support or supply who want to be strategically influential and bring their full value to the organisation. E.g. procurement, finance, HR, IT, compliance.

Outcomes of the programme

All delegates involved in the programme will be developed in some of our core Breakthrough Thinking methodology. In addition this programme is designed to deliver:

  • Innovative, breakthrough collaborations in which robust and transformational conversations can occur
  • Exceptional stakeholder engagement and influence
  • Mindset of 100% responsibility for the outcomes and results delivered
  • Skills in alignment and collaboration
  • Skills in the facilitation and coaching of strategic conversations
  • Efficient, flexible and dynamic team work
  • Capability in all stages of forming partnering relationships