Breakthrough Talent

We unleash your top talent and your organisations future. Equipping and inspiring them to do the best work of their careers, with you. Developing them as leaders who can unlock today and transform tomorrow





Stretch target


Great thinker

Great Leader

High achiever



Collaborator and Inspirer

Programme Overview

We catapult your high potential talent into the future leaders of your organisation. This programme brings the best people from across your organisation together and develops them at a deep level in breakthrough leadership capabilities. Each member of the talent pool will undertake a transformational, unpredictable business breakthrough which will require them not only to develop their leadership but fundamentally challenge the way they think and work. Taking on the impossible and making it a reality. 

All of our programmes are fully integrated into the specific business needs of each organisation. Our Breakthrough Talent programme is highly effective in, but not limited to, the following scenarios:

  • Needing to retain and develop the best talent in your organisation; grow them or lose them!
  • High potential talent needing an ambitious peer group to inspire and accelerate one another’s development. Through collaboration, inspiration and constructive challenge
  • Exceptional functional/technical talent who need to become exceptional leaders of people
  • High potential talent who are focused too heavily on tactical delivery and need some time to reflect, develop and strategize
  • Where a new strategy or initiative is requiring exceptional thinking and innovation to succeed and you want to draw upon your best minds to do so
  • Where you want to test and maximise the potential of individuals to identify who to invest in

Who is it for?

Individuals who are dynamic, innovative and passionate. Seen as great talent and hungry for the secret ingredient to taking on the most senior leadership roles in your business.

Outcomes of the programme

The talent pools involved in the programme will be developed in all of our Breakthrough Thinking methodology tools at an advanced level. In addition this programme is specifically designed to deliver:

  • Leaders who can make breakthroughs happen by design, taking people with them whilst upholding the values and purpose of the organisation
  • A mindset of 100% responsibility for the impact they make, both in and by the organisation
  • Leaders who feel equipped to make bold commitments and challenge the organisational status quo
  • Leadership across boundaries to thrive in a real-time world e.g.VUCA
  • Listening from a leadership perspective; on behalf of the organisation
  • Talent who feel empowered and unleashed to make a difference
  • Confidence and ability to engaging teams